The Sound function is used, when you want to capture a moment in time using any kind of sound trigger. It can be used to capture, for example, balloon popping, breaking of glass, water splashes, etc. All of those event are great to see but only if you capture them. µ-Trigger will help you with that, to have a moment for ever.



The Lightning function is used, when you want to trigger the camera by a change in the light level, for example with the flash from a lightning strike. You could also set it to capture the precise moment of sunrise or even a meteor shower. A popular way of using this function is to capture fireworks explosions.


The timelapse function is used, when you want to capture changes that happen over longer periods of time. By doing timelapse photography you essentially speed up an event and make it possible to observe it in a reasonable amount of time. Timelapse photography is fun to watch but is time consuming to make it. Timelapse function of µ-Trigger does most of the work for you. Just preset your time lapse parameters, lay back and enjoy!Timelapse function is perfect for star trails and for making timelapse movies, it’s a ‘set it and forget it’ mode, just ensure your batteries are charged and you have enough room on your memory card for all the shots you want.


The HDR function is used, when you want to trigger the camera to capture the same frame with a different time exposure. This captures multiple photographs at different exposure levels and combines them to produce a photo representative of a broader tonal range. HDR function lets you apply the HDR (High Dynamic Range) technique to your shots very easily. µ-Trigger helps you with fast settings for such photography.


The Laser function is used, when you want to trigger the camera with a “laser trap”. To set a “laser trap” you need to position a laser and align the laser beam with the receiver on the µ-Trigger. When the beam is broken (or weakened – you can set the sensitivity of the sensor) it will trigger the camera. Because of the properties of a laser beam you can position the laser far away from the µ-Trigger. A great way to use the laser function is to capture very fast moving objects, but don’t let this limit your imagination.

Do It Yourself

For the inventor in you! Create a new type of triggering mechanism and use it to capture moments in a different way. You can set the µ-Trigger to trigger in very specific events and so filter out the undesired situations. For example, you could set up a device to trigger in the event of a specific tone pitch, thus capturing a rare bird species or use a pressure sensor to capture a rain drop… The possibilities are endless. Experiment!


The manual function enables you to manually trigger your camera from a distance. Just click on start to instantaneously trigger the camera. With this mode you will not need the shutter cable anymore or set “timer” mode to have a clear photo.



Tehnical specifications





7 different modes

40 x 62 x 20 mm    72g


Simple one button


Color - sunshine readable


Rechargable - last up to 40h